Dorset Camping – Vegan BBQ and Badass Big Breakfast



It was so sunny on Saturday that after actually braving the outdoors for a morning run (thought I’d get that lil’ brag in there), we decided to stuff some camping stuff and a cool bag in the car and go camp!


I’m a huge fan of The Hive beach at Burton Bradstock (which I’ve mentioned before) because you can get a vast stretch of it to yourself and, also, dogs and bbqs are allowed – yay! After a little research mid-journey, I came across Gaston Copse holiday park which is mostly a low-key, quiet caravan park but has very generously proportioned non-electric tent pitches in a nice peaceful setting with your own picnic bench which is sweet! As well as the beach, there are some really nice pubs within walking (/staggering) distance of the site although not too sure about vegan-friendly food offerings.


After setting the tent up (my job) we lit the barbeque (Alex’s job!). We had the Linda MaCartney rosemary and onion sausages and Tesco Value vegetable grills, which, whilst a little fragile on the bbq, were REALLY tasty topped with a slice of Violife cheese and cost £1 – for 6! Who said eating vegan is expensive? Yeah we put two sausages in each roll – and what!



After indulging in some (vegan friendly) beverages that evening, we were well ready for breakfast in the morning! It’s amazing what can be achieved on a little single camping hob:


Biona mini burgers with baked beans and avocado on toast – mm mm mmm!

Other camping favourites are scrambled tofu and not-fried-egg sandwiches but they’re for another time!

What is your favourite camping food?



Franca x


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