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Yeah sorry about that…!

Asking if beauty products are vegan can be a pain in the arse. The question is normally met with a mixture of confusion and amusement “Are you going to eat it?” is the usual response! Although I was bought up vegetarian and have never eaten meat, the transition to fully vegan has not always been easy. The dietary transition was fairly easy: look for the veggie symbol, scan for eggs, dairy, honey, glazing agents, etc. However, when it comes to beauty products and other household ‘consumables’ I have struggled much more. Ingredients lists of these products are obscure and shrouded in mystery to me so I have been much more actively researching and seeking alternatives to products I have always used without even thinking! How can someone who cares so passionately against the abuse of animals endorse it by consuming ‘beauty’ products that contain animal ingredients or, even worse, been tested on animals? That is not beauty! Some companies have recognised the struggle and have made it way easier – Lush, Co-op and Superdrug for instance clearly mark their vegan products (love them!).


I admit I’m still wearing my ‘L plates’ when it comes to household consumables but since my last post on the B Make Up Range from Superdrug went down pretty well, I thought I’d share which beauty products I currently use in the hope that it might be of use to somebody! Some of them I have used for years and some are more recent finds 🙂

Topics covered are: Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion, Toothpaste and Facial Masks.

Hair Care


1. Lush ‘Daddy-O’ Shampoo and 2. Lush ‘Veganese’ Conditioner – I actually dread walking past Lush shops especially towards the end of the month as the giant vegan symbol in the window is like a beacon begging me to buy everything! Even though Lush use some animal-derived ingredients in their products such as honey, all are vegetarian and around 80% are vegan and cruelty-free. I obviously don’t need to tell you that both of these smell amazing. The shampoo is made with violets and lemons, works to counteract brassy tones in blonde hair and you need very little of it to create a really satisfying thick lather. The conditioner is very unusual: its texture is different to most conditioners I have used and the smell is almost savoury due to the herbs used. It contains agar agar and worked to really nourish my hair despite the strange texture! These are not cheap but they work well and the smell is a real treat in the morning!


3. Superdrug Revitalising ‘Raspberry and Macadamia Nut’ Shampoo and 4. Superdrug Revitalising ‘Raspberry and Macadamia Nut’ Conditioner – These were very cheap (currently 97p), come in a good sized bottle and smell lovely. I believe there are two other variations available – Apple and Coconut. I have only used them once so far as they are new to me but I am pleased with the results so far and they are excellent value for money!


5. Superdrug Coconut Oil – Although it says ‘for all skin types’ n the front, I found this in the hair care section of Superdrug and having read that it makes a great hair treatment I thought I’d give it a go and I’m glad I did. This cost just £2.29 which is fairly reasonable considering the price of coconut oil from health food shops. I’m used to using coconut oil whilst cooking so I’ll admit  it felt a bit weird smothering it on in the bath!!! You need to warm it up before using and, after massaging into hair and scalp, you can leave it on for any length of time between 1hr and overnight. I left it on whilst in the bath and it felt like a real treat. As I explained above, the Lush ‘Veganese’ conditioner I am using is lovely but doesn’t give that silky feeling whilst it’s wet. This felt really nourishing without my hair feeling greasy or bogged down. Apparently it works really well for people with curly hair (mine is just dry and a bit wavy!).In all, definitely worth a try for your next pampering session!

Body Wash & Lotion


6. Molton Brown ‘Gingerlily’ Body Wash and 7. Molton Brown ‘Gingerlily’ Moisturising Body Lotion – Oh my GOD I love these! I have been using Molton Brown for years and this range is definitely my favourite. Molton Brown are against animal testing and the majority of their products are vegan-friendly. The fragrance is absolutely divine and lasts all day, especially when the body wash and lotion are used together. The downside of this range is that they are by no means cheap but in this case you really get what you pay for. A little goes a long way and a 300ml bottle of body wash usually lasts me about 10 weeks with daily use which I think makes it really reasonable!


8. Superdrug Shower Creams: ‘Shea Butter & Bamboo’ and ‘Dragonfruit & Vanilla’ – Both of these are absolutely gorgeous and sooo cheap: they were on offer at 2 for £1.70! They are the perfect texture: not to runny or jelly-like and smell lovely. The only thing I would say is that the smell disappears after use and I prefer a smell that sticks around a bit longer. In all, these definitely do the job and are fantastic value for money.



9. Superdrug ‘Pro Care’ Sensitive & Whitening Toothpaste – I am pleased with this. It combines two of my ‘look fors’ in a toothpaste – both sensitive and whitening (I am a black coffee addict)! It tastes pleasant and definitely leaves my teeth and mouth feeling clean!

Facial Masks


10. Superdrug ‘Dead Sea Purifying Face Mask’ – As you can see I recently had a real Superdrug splurge! My lovely sister, Nat, recently got married and as a thank you for helping with preparations she gave me a voucher which obviously immediately burnt a hole in my pocket hehe! I think this face mask is the first of many; it smelt lovely and I literally cannot tell you how soft, smooth and energised my skin felt afterwards. Initially I was concerned as I put it on as it tingled a LOT due to the eucalyptus. I left it on for the maximum time (15 mins) despite the teasing from Alex who now calls me his ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Girlfriend’. Git! Although it was a bit of a pain to wash off, it was totally worth it and I can’t wait to try the cucumber one!


Please let me know if you have any beauty product recommendations in the comments section below – I would love to hear what others are using!



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  1. hooked1112 says:

    Ahhhh I’ve used those Superdrug Revitalising shampoos and conditioners – they’re really not bad! And cheap…double win 🙂 Love the blog x


    1. I am so shocked at the value for money – under a pound, smell good and actually work! Thanks for looking 🙂 will check yours out too! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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