Superdrug B Cruelty Free Vegan Makeup and Skincare Review


I might have been slow off the mark with this but I am in love with Superdrug’s B range! The whole range is cruelty free and vegan. All of the make-up and skin-care products bear the leaping bunny logo as they do not test on animals and even better they STATE suitable for vegetarians and vegans on every product! Amazing!

The best thing is that they are currently offering all of these products at better than half price. If you do not have a Superdrug local to you, you can order online at Superdrug’s website.

I purchased a whole load of things to try including facial oil, CC cream, foundation, lipstick and nail varnish and have reviewed them below.


1. Replenished Facial Oil – I purchased this not realising it was a ‘Phase 2’ product suitable for people in their late thirties-40s but I’m really glad I did. Having not tried a facial oil before I was a little concerned but I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, a little goes a VERY long way which means this product is very good value for money. It smells amazing. Alex said that I smelt like Turkish Delight (which would be the rose oil) which I guess is a compliment – I like Turkish Delight! My skin has felt very soft and nourished since I began using it. However, I would not recommend using this immediately prior to putting on makeup; it’s more of a bedtime product.


2. B Confident CC Cream – I am really impressed with this product. I have never been a huge fan of ‘heavy’ creams and foundations and this is just right. It is a fairly thin, but not oily, consistency and works in a very similar way to a tinted moisturiser. It worked to even out my skin tone (I have freckles and fairly pink cheeks which I do not love!) and provided a good base for my foundation. It has good enough coverage that I would wear it on it’s own with a bit of a tan, perhaps on holiday. The added bonus is that it has an SPF of 45 which is a great feature!


3. B Youthful Anti-Aging Foundation – I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this one. There were several other types of foundation in the range but this was the only one in my shade so I took a chance. Having shaken it prior to use, I thought it would be mixed and ready to use but what came out initially was very thin and oily. After discarding the initial pumpful the consistency did get better but I still find it to be a little thin and oily for my liking. I thoroughly support what Superdrug are doing with this range though so would definitely be willing to try another foundation from their range.


4. B Rich Limited Edition Lipstick ‘Gothika’ (Berry) – I am not a lipstick person but I really like this. Really lovely smooth consistency and went on like a dream. It has a really rich colour and feels good with no weird smell. Definitely worth a go and I would recommend is shade – lovely!


5. B Complete Long-lasting Nail Polish – I was fairly pleased with this. In terms of coverage it wasn’t amazing: I definitely needed two coats and it didn’t dry quickly which was okay as I had plenty of time. However, as someone who is very clumsy, I was impressed with the staying power – it didn’t chip easily at all after 2 days. They have a good range of nice colours too at a good price.

Although these reviews are fairly mixed and there is room for improvement with some of the products I have tried, overall, I am really pleased to see an affordable high-street chain responding to the needs of vegetarian and vegan customers.

Well done Superdrug!


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  1. lexiboutique says:

    I love B.! Thought i was the only one 🙂


    1. Really good! So relieved to find something actually labelled and where you know that the whole range is ok :O


  2. It’s a great range, the CC cream is brilliant. Check out their energising balm, its the bees knees 🙂

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